From mill to mountain

Magnaplanta’s roots lie – and how could it be any other way – in the Netherlands.

Our roots

Look up our history. From the VOC to the world’s best DJs – the Dutch (sometimes) know what they are doing.

Everybody knows our tulips and windmills, but the thing we are most known for is our love of life. With our roots near Amsterdam, we know just how to handle life as well as our drive to exceed in making the world a better place. We just want to lend nature a hand in creating perfection.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for her love of plants, agriculture, and trading. The Dutch have travelled the world, but people also love going to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is known for its party scene, but also for its opportunities to chill. The Dutch love to ride their bikes, play football, and to bring their own toilet paper on their holidays.

“Magnaplanta’s roots lie – and how could it be any other way – in the Netherlands”

From mill to mountain

Here in the mountains, we are comfortable. We’ve changed the flat Dutch landscape for the mountains of Tirol on purpose. The feeling you get when the ground and moisture run through your fingers and softly touch the base of the plant is incredible. When you look out of the window and see the clouds touch the tip of the mountain while you are doing the work you love – that’s life in our opinion.

For the love of life – and not only our own – we go to our production hall every day. We’re close to heaven whilst doing our job and that’s really the feeling we wake up for.

High in the mountains of Tirol

Since 1973, we have been putting all of our energy into developing and producing flowers and plants. We are a supplier for companies and consumers. At first in the Netherlands, but now from Austria. And not just anywhere in Austria, but from a very special location.

High in the mountains of Tirol, at 700 meters, lies our production hall. But why Tirol? This location was chosen on purpose because of the purity of the air, the climate, and the central location in Europe.
The hall has been supplied with the newest technology, such as an automated filtered air system with temperature control management. We have also installed a special pipe line with which we can provide our plants the purest ice water. This water is taken directly from the mountains and makes sure that Magnaplanta can develop strong and resilient plants.