Close to heaven, down to earth

At a height of 700 meters, in the magical mountains of beautiful Tirol, Magnaplanta develops and produces ornamental plants of the highest quality for true plant lovers.

For the love of plants. Hearts pounding, blood pressure increasing. Our flow appears the moment the magic happens.

We seed, we grow, they shine, you follow. The beauty of a seed that grows so naturally in our optimized conditions is like music to our ears. Like a perfect morning revealing freshly fallen snow, like rain on warm concrete, like a baby’s first steps. And every morning it feels like never before, when we rediscover our beauty’s first words and first leaves that grow into pieces of art.

Powerful plants

A powerful plant stands strong, shines bright like a diamond, and gives oxygen back to mother nature – like a child who takes care of the elderly. To educate the plant in its growth, we studied, craved, talked, and whispered to these beauties. We do everything in our power to stay determined to reach perfection. Because it’s our duty to make the best out of life and help nature with perfection.

Our product

Our ornamental plants are incredibly versatile and can serve as decoration in order to beautify any room. Other great choices for ornamentation are our olive trees. Both are grown with the utmost care in the mountains of Tirol.

Our cosmetic products are also fully organic and can be used without worrying about chemicals or other damaging elements. The same goes for our merchandise. If you wish to enjoy products that will not impact the environment in any negative way, look no further.